Nedim Arabacı

Nedim Arabacı

Software Manager & Developer in Turkey, Istanbul


I am a Software Manager & Lead Developer at Defter, a company that specializes in building SaaS CRM products.

At Defter, my responsibility is to oversee the development and deployment of software solutions that are not only efficient and effective but also customized to meet our clients' specific business requirements.

As a software manager, I understand the importance of staying up-to-date with the latest technological advancements in the industry. I am committed to continuous learning and improvement, always striving to bring the best possible solutions to our clients.



This calculator calculates the monthly installment amount and total repayment amount by taking the loan amount, term, and interest rate entered by the user. (only in Turkish)


Easy to use notification library. (Deprecated)

Work Experience

2021 — Now
2019 — Now
2018 — 2018
Full Stack Developer at 90Pixel
Turkey, Izmir

I spent two months working for 90Pixel before accepting an offer from Defter and relocating to Montenegro.

2017 — 2018
Full Stack Developer at Freelancer

I've taken a gap year to pursue my passion for freelance work. Through this experience, I've gained invaluable skills and had the opportunity to work with a diverse range of clients.

2015 — 2017
Co Founder at

I created usable web interfaces, front-end coding, and almost everything required to build a startup. After sharing this entrepreneurship passion for nearly 2 years, sadly my partners and I had to say goodbye to our lovely startup for now.

2015 — 2015
Frontend Developer at Alegra Digital
Turkey, Istanbul

I have 10 months of hands-on experience as a front-end developer in Alegra Digital. I quit my job there to follow my dreams:

2012 — 2015
Full Stack Developer at Efabrika
Turkey, Istanbul

I provided front end & back-end development for reputable clients such as Anadolu Agency, Turkish Airlines, etc. My responsibilities included UI, UX, and API development.

2012 — 2012
Full Stack Developer at Atölye15
Turkey, Izmir

After working as a full stack developer for an Izmir-based company; Atölye15, I accepted the great offer from Efabrika and moved to Istanbul.

2010 — 2012
Full Stack Developer at LMS
Turkey, Izmir

I provided front end & back-end development for the company's Learning Management System for about 2 years.